She's Beautiful, None Will Last


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\\ "She's Beautiful, None Will Last" is out now //

Cover art by Mathieu Mozziconacci
Cover photo : Claudia Cardinale & the record player
Sample on "Intention" recorded from "Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong - The Great Reunion", Recorded April 3 - April 5, 1961
The last track inspired by "Woman's Perfume" by Armando Trovajoli, from the movie "Scent Of Woman" by Dino Risi - 1974
and by Luccio Battisti, "Una Donna Per Amico" recorded in 1978, & " Ancora Tu", 1976, with a sample of "Ancora Tu" inside.
Finally, I would like to thank the one who will recognize itself.


released November 8, 2013

All songs written & recorded, by Mathieu Mozziconacci
Fall 2012 / Spring 2013
With the great help of Raphael Thyss : Brass Instruments
All rights reserved 2013 Dockland Music ©



all rights reserved


DOCKLAND Aix En Provence, France

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Track Name: Mon Italienne

Dans les vagues blanches
Ton corps chaloupé
Nul ne m'importune
Je n'ai qu'à rêver
Mon italienne
Qui fait des siennes
Mon italienne
Mon italienne

Sûr de moi je le suis
Il n'y a qu'à voir comment je fuis

Dans les vagues brunes
Ton corps si bien fait
Nul ne m'importune
Je n'ai qu'à rêver
Je n'ai qu'à rêver

Te rappelles-tu Lisbonne ?
Sur ce quai, les crustacés
Je disais pourtant rien ne m'étonne
Et on en a même pas eu assez

Mon italienne
Viens quand même
Mon italienne
Avant que l'on ne s'aime
Des deux côtés de la Seine
Comme des amants fous et bohèmes
J'avais écris ce poème
J'avais écris ce poème

Dans les vagues blanches
Ton corps si bien fait
Nul ne m'importune
Je n'ai qu'à rêver
Je n'ai qu'à rêver
Track Name: Intention

Look out, you look like moonlight
Shadows fall over daylight
Falling off in the meantime
I've revealed my intention
Confessed my intention
Of all my weight, I'm spinning, shivering

And now besides all this, carry me home
I've been looking down everytime you said: "Leave me alone !"
You've always tried to carry me home
Track Name: View From The Love Gulf

In the heart of the city
I feel mine beating
I feel mine beating
And here's there's a fairy
Telling me not to worry
Don't worry man
You will be in love again

And how can he knows
Cause what I want is you
Yeah it still shows through

"And when I look at this girl
My skin shivers again
And when I realize, when I realize
That she looks like you
I feel blue"

Oh girl, it's nothing
I'm not alone
I've got reasons for living
From the moment you're gone
In the heart of the city
In the heart of the city
Track Name: There's Nothing I Can Do - Pt. I

And it's always the same
Love like a thunderstorm can't stand
Do you think love is just a game ?
Maybe there're thing I don't need to understand

It's a warm month of may
And I'm into the white
They say: "Things moving fast nowadays"
But where's my leading light ?
All things must pass
All things must pass
All things must pass
Track Name: I Gave You Everything (Not Enough)

I look for a sign
I gave you all my life
And into the crowd
Shine my own star

Praise the ending
With a little shyness
As love is not enough
I gave you everything

Is this the right time ?
You know all of my life
And into the fog
We'll draw our own line

Raise the ending
With a little confess
Love is just enough
I change everything
I will change everything
Track Name: Let's Not Talk About Love Again

You're that kind of girl
Who's for me for sure
Giving black & white colors
And dancing a whirl
But you know my love is
Like a deep blue sea
And don't know now if you're heart still beat
What I beg to see
But I know will be happy baby
If you want us to be (X3)

The way I feel will never change
So let's not talk about love gain (X6)
Track Name: There's Nothing I Can Do (Maybe Not) - Pt. II

Remember the time when you said
If you want to leave now, I will leave it too
For a warmer sun or for a north country
Canada maybe

Don't be shy and tell me
I believe again in human nature
Take a plane to Lisboa
Another little exil
And we can cross the river
Like the sea
Track Name: Profumo Di Donna

Sono Il capitano Fausto Consolo
Inacidito, cinico e cieco
Ho preso questo treno per Napoli
Ma resta qui straniero, non mi piaci

Sento ancora il tuo profumo di donna
Che resta nei miei vestiti e nella mia anima
Le ragazze mi sembrano brutte oggi
Forse perché mi ritrovo sempre soli

Che fa' amore mio, mia donna per amico ?
Dimmi se mangi almeno ?
Dimmi se mangi almeno ?

Ti parlo e dici che sono un fantasma
Ma al fondo so che non è vero
Mia donna per amico
Qualche volta impara e a volte insegna

Mia donna per amico
Sento ancora tu
Può darsi ch'io non sappia cosa dico
Ma la vita è fatta per vivere
Troppo docile, non fa per te

Vorrei sapere come fai
Gli uomini ti hanno ferito, lo so
L'ho compreso da molto, mia donna... per amico
Amore mio... amore mio... amore mio...